About Tsubaki

The Tsubaki Group at a glance

Tsubakimoto Chain Co. was founded in 1917 in Osaka, Japan, as a manufacturer of chains. In the years that followed, the company expanded the scope of its operations to include material handling systems, automotive parts and power transmission products. Today, the Tsubaki Group has grown into a comprehensive manufacturer that provides a diverse range of machinery parts and units as well as systems comprised of these items in motions and control field.

The Tsubaki group has built an unshakable manufacturing foundation using its product development capabilities and production technologies. It is also enhancing its ability to provide solutions and respond to customer needs on a global basis, both of which help resolve the issues faced by customers, and has this been successful in creating industrial-use steel chains, timing chain drive systems and the countless other products boast the No. 1 share in their respective markets.

The Tsubaki Group Products

The No.1 timing chain system manufacturer in the world

Tsubaki Automotive parts operation provides car manufacturers around the world with timing chain drive systems that assist in making engines more functional and environmentally friendly.

The development, quality management and production systems are designed to respond to high demands for technological capabilities, quality and cost performance. Thanks to its state-of-art technology, Tsubaki Automotive is the No.1 timing chain system manufacturer, with 68% share of the Japanese market and a 33% share of the world market.

CzechPlantBW_300px.pngTsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., a new subsidiary of Tsubakimoto Europe, is designed to manufacture and assemble timing chain drive systems and associated products for leading car manufacturers across Europe. The plant becomes the second production base for timing systems in Europe, designed to achieve high efficiency and high quality standards in order to meet future demand in the growing European market. Full production started in 2017.

Tsubaki's Global Network

Tsubaki's global network consists of 42 manufacturing subsidiaries and 36 sales companies in 23 countries across the globe. This network enables the company to maintain an accurate understanding of customer needs while promptly developing and providing products based on these needs.

Tsubaki Automotive is located in seven key regions around the world. See the map below for more details.

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