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Tsubaki Europe BV

Tsubakimoto Europe BV was established in 1972 and is located in Dordrecht (the Netherlands). The company provides parts for the industrial applications market. Tsubakimoto Europe looks after Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East excluding those European countries that are served by another Tsubaki Group company.


Tsubakimoto Europe B.V.
(European Headquarters)
Aventurijn 1200
3316 LB Dordrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)78 6204000 - phone
+31 (0)78 6204001 - fax

Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic

Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., a new subsidiary of Tsubakimoto Europe, manufactures and assembles timing chain drive systems and associated products for leading car manufacturers across Europe.


Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.
č.p. 295
280 02
Czech Republic
(Industrial zone Kolín-Ovčáry)
+420 311 549 300 - phone
+420 311 549 399 - fax

Tsubakimoto U.K.

Tsubakimoto U.K. is located in Nottingham and provides Timing Drive and Power Transmission Solutions to major OEM's within the European market.


Tsubakimoto U.K. Ltd.
Osier Drive, Sherwood Park
Annesley, Nottingham NG15 0DX
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1623 688700 - phone
+44 (0)1623 688809 - fax

Tsubaki Automotive Deutschland

Tsubaki Deutschland has recently expanded its function & capability within Europe. The new offices in Schwaig, has great links to Europe & beyond, being placed only minutes away from Munich's Franz Josef Strauss International Airport.

Sales & Engineering support are offered to existing & potential customers, both for German speaking market & to other countries within mainland Europe


Tsubaki Deutschland GmbH (Automotive).
Lohstrasse 22b, Haus C,
85445 Schwaig
+49 (0)89 - 248876866 - phone
+49 (0)89 - 248876861 - fax