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Thanks to its state-of-art technology and unique manufacturing processes, Tsubaki Automotive is the No.1 timing chain system manufacturer. Tsubaki Automotive's new manufacturing plant in Kolín - Ovčáry will be equipped with a high-tech production technology.


Official start of the construction work on the Tsubaki Automotive's new manufacturing plant

Kolín, Czech Republic: Eastern and Western cultures were united in a groundbreaking ceremony held last week for the Tsubaki Automotive's new production plant in Industrial Zone Kolín-Ovčáry, Czech Republic. 19 guests, including delegates from the Japanese Tsubaki Group, government representatives from the city of Kolín and special guests from Takenaka Construction Company, attended the celebration.

On Tuesday 17th May 2016 Tsubakimoto Chain Co., the world's premiere manufacturer of power transmission products, industrial chains, automotive parts and material handling systems, marked the official start of the construction work of its new automotive manufacturing plant. Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. was established to meet growing demands of the automotive industry. From November 2017, the company will be manufacturing timing chain drive systems for leading European carmakers.


Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is excited to open a new manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic. This is going to be a second automotive production plant in Europe. Once completed in February 2017, Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., a new subsidiary of Tsubaki Europe, will be manufacturing and assembling timing chain drive systems and associated products for leading car manufacturers across Europe.

The company invested 400 million CZK in this new development and will create 80 jobs by 2020.

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Immaculate timing is our philosophy and our promise.

It's what our customers expect from one of the world's leading automotive timing chain system manufacturers, and a position we'll maintain through our insistence on quality, delivery and service.Tsubaki has earned a formidable reputation for quality, reliability and for its ability to meet procurement needs.